Fetish Party pics

February 07, 2009 by Girlq

Artistic shot of transparent latex fetish skirt in doorway. Pulling down transparent latex fetish skirt in bathroom. Fixing my wig while wearing a latex fetish outfit before heading to a party. Getting ready to lube transparent latex skirt before going to the Fetish Ball. Walking to the car outdoors in a transparent latex skirt on my way to the Fetish Ball. Standing in the doorway wearing a transparent latex skirt getting ready to go to the Fetish Ball.

Continuing on with more from the Fetish Ball.  I swear, one of these days I will eventually get caught up and be current with my blog postings and  photos.  I just installed Adobe Lightroom on my computer, so I am having lots of fun going through the raw files that I have shot in the past.

Typically I just shoot jpegs for the blog, so the raw files just sit there for forever until I finally find enough time to process them.  I'm hoping that with Lightroom I will move to shooting all raw and give better quality photos. 

Anyways, Valentines is coming up!  I'm looking forward to that, and hopefully some new latex outfits.  I have some ski trips that I'm working on planning, so if you're lucky I might be able to sneak in some fetish photos on those trips.  I really do want some snow / latex before this winter is over. 

Enjoy more shots from the Fetish Ball.  See if you can figure out my sobreity level in these pics!

Snow Shoot

February 04, 2009 by Girlq

Fixing the wig in the mirror before going to fetish party. Adjusting my latex fetish top in the mirror. Getting the wig just right before heading out to a Fetish Party. Messing with my hair before heading out to a Fetish Ball. Gotta look hot before heading out to the Ball. Almost ready for the Ball in my latex top and transparent fetish skirt.

It snowed last week in my part of the world, and it kind of caught me off guard.  It's February and we hadn't really had any snow as to date.  Honestly, I had forgotten what snow was it's been so long (global warming is definitely happening).  Anyways, it didn't last long, as a warm front melted everything within about 2 days.

I promised myself that next time it snowed I would get outside and take some snow pictures.  Specifically I think that snow + latex + woods at dusk would be super awesome cool!  But alas, we haven't had any more of the white stuff.  Today I was hoping I would skip out on work and perhaps have a fetish snow day, but my hopes were dashed when nothing came.

If anyone out there knows how to do a weather dance, bring us some snow so that I can take more pictures :).  Today pics are more from the Fetish Ball.  More shots of me getting ready in the transparent zip up latex skirt, and the black and white trimmed latex tank top. 

More SMB Fetish Ball

February 03, 2009 by Girlq

Getting ready to go to the SMB Fetish Ball.  I'm wearing a transparent latex skirt and latex fetish top. Playing around in a long blond wig while getting ready to go to the SMB Fetish Ball. Standing in the doorway of the bathroom in a transparent latex fetish skirt and blond wig. Laughing while getting ready to go to the SMB Fetish Ball in a transparent latex skirt and latex fetish shirt. Preparing to go to the SMB Fetish Ball while wearing a transparent latex skirt and latex fetish tank top. Closeup shot of the rear of the zip up transparent latex fetish mini skirt.

Back to the SMB Fetish Ball pics.  I have to admit, that I was a little disappointed with the number of people who showed up for this event.  When I think of a "Ball" I think of at least 500 people.  If they had named it the SMB Fetish Party, it would not have inflated my expectations.  There was a decent number of people - I would say 200 to 300.

Regardless, it was totally fun, and I recommend anyone to go to it.  This year I'm planning on going to the San Francisco Fetish Ball, as well as at least 1 foreign fetish event.  I've never been to Germany, and I hear they have some good parties.  There's also a monthly fetish party in Florida that I might go to.  Honestly though, if I'm going to Florida, I better do it soon, as the incentive to go there decreases as the whether get's warmer. 

Breakfast in latex

February 01, 2009 by Girlq

Eating some breakfast on the bed while wearing transparent latex fetish negligee. Eating cereal for breakfast while wearing transparent latex. Transparent latex covering my breasts while eating breakfast.

Here are the last 3 pics of me chilling that morning in the transparent latex fetish negligee.  Most of my pictures are just of everyday life and not very glamorous.  It's pretty different from what other people post and I hope that viewers like it.  You can find a ton of models and photographers posting edgy and elegant shots of carefully crafted models in fetish clothing.

In my experience I don't see many women posting average daily shots of fetish wear.  I find it alot easier to take and post these kind of pictures - just grab the camera and go really.  I think it appeals to the fantasy of people who have an interest in fetish or underground living of non-vanilla people.

There's probably a decent amount of visitors to FetishBuzz who enjoy the images and artistic aspect of alternative modeling, and I'm not sure that I appeal to them.  However, I do think there are people fascinated and interested in fetish clothing and alternative lifestyles that enjoy my journalistic style of images.  What do you think?

More clear latex negligee

January 30, 2009 by Girlq

Transparent latex fetish negligee.  See-through boobs. Rear shot of transparent clear latex fetish negligee in the kitchen. Slaving over breakfast while wearing a see-through transparent latex fetish negligee. Cooking up some eggs while wearing a clear latex fetish negligee. Aren't I the best fetish housewife ever? Getting ready to grub on some eggs in my latex fetish transparent negligee.

Today it is snowing like crazy so I am staying home and keeping warm underneath a blanket.  Will definitely be wearing more than the transparent latex fetish negligee in todays pictures.  One of the unique characteristics of latex is the transfer of temperature through the fabric.

While this is an interesting feeling, it doesn't do much for staying warm - or cool if it happens to be a summer day.  One of the ideas I have been toying with for the winter is latex leggings that have fleece on the inside.   The nonporous nature of the latex would keep the wind out, and the fleece would keep the inside warm.  Sexy and functional!  You don't hear those two words very often ;)

Transparent latex negligee at home

January 28, 2009 by Girlq

Artistic shot of me sitting on bed in fishnet tights and a transparent latex fetish negligee. Another artistic shot sitting on the bed in fishnet tights wearing a transparent latex fetish negligee. Artistic shot focusing on the breasts while wearing a transparent latex fetish negligee. Standing in the kitchen and getting ready to cook some breakfast in a transparent latex fetish negligee. Different angle shot of the transparent latex covered breasts and fishnet stockings. Standing in the kitchen making coffee while wearing a transparent latex fetish negligee.

First off, congrats to Mosh on her successful move to L.A.  Sounds like she is busier than ever!  Today's posting includes some shots from a randy Sunday morning.  I woke up early and was wearing a transparent and black latex negligee.  It has a square neck with black trimming, black underbust band, and then kind of flares out at the bottom right about at the top of  my hips.

It's very comfy and one of my own ideas / designs.  I took about 20 pictures, fairly random shots - some of me cooking breakfast, some of them eating breakfast, and several artsy shots playing with different focal points from the perspective of my foot.  I had on fishnet stockings with a pvc band at the top, and it made for some cool images.

Recently I took some shots at the mall while wearing zip up latex jeans.  I hope to have one good shot to frame in an 18x20.   You'll get to see some of the extras from that.  On the way to the mall, the sun was setting so I made a quick stop at a pond and saw like 50 ducks and geese just coming out of the water.  Got some great pics of that as well while wearing the latex fetish jeans and a white winter jacket.

SMB Fetish Ball

January 26, 2009 by Girlq

Standing in the doorway of the bathroom wearing a fetish transparent latex skirt and custom latex top by HedonsFair. Checking out my blond wig in the mirror while wearing a transparent fetish latex mini skirt. Artistic shot of me in the doorway wearing a transparent fetish latex miniskirt and top. Adjusting the blond wig in the bathroom.  Checkout the hot rear zipper on the transparent latex miniskirt. Evaluating whether to wear the blond wig or not while wearing the transparent latex fetish mini skirt. Blond wig and transparent latex mini skirt. Hand on my latex covered hip.

These pics are from last Fall - hard to believe how fast time flies when you're having fun.  The SMB Ball was the first fetish event I had ever been to.  It was quite a bit of fun.  I drank way too much, not sure if there are any drunk pics of me - or that I will share those :0

I was wearing a rear zip transparent latex skirt on top of black vinyl panties.  The top was a custom piece done for me by HedonsFair in black latex with white trim.  In the pics you can see me trying on a blond wig in the bathroom.  Didn't end up wearing that one.

I met a lot of interesting people at the party.  One boy who liked me to smack his ass - really hard.  Couldn't resist that.  Another older man who kind of creaped me out when I thought he was just interested in conversation and then repeated slid in requests to hook up with he and his wife.  On the way out there was  a girl dancing with liquid latex on her rack - she had very nice ones, had to touch them before I departed.

Ebay Schmebay

January 24, 2009 by Girlq

Facing closet doors and wearing a black latex tank top with fetish transparent latex mini skirt. Sticking my ass out while wearing transparent latex fetish mini skirt. Sticking my ass out while wearing transparent latex fetish mini skirt. Laying on the bed wearing a vinyl ruffle panty. Laying on the bed wearing a fetish pvc ruffle panty. Laying on the bed wearing a fetish pvc ruffle panty.

Here are the remaining pictures from the ebay files.  Note - I don't think I posted the vinyl panty shots on ebay, a bit too seductive if you know what I mean.  Not sure why those were in that folder, probably just taken in jest.

Can I tell you how much I hate ebay?  They charge too much, then they charge you a second time via PayPal, then they take away all power from sellers and give it to buyers.  Buyers can give feedback but sellers can't!  I've actually been blackmailed by buyers, who after winning an auction threaten to give negative feedback if I don't lower my price.  What's my recourse?  None.

Etsy is a good alternative, but they only let you list things that you make.  I tried to fudging it a little and putting up some Lip Service items and I got my account cancelled.  BTW, the only way to get your account reinstated - oops there isn't one.  You have to sign up for a 2nd credit card and open the account under totally different name and account details.  Thanks Etsy - kind of a harsh 1 strike and your out rule don't ya think?

Anyways, I'm bitching too much.  Anybody out there got any good business ideas? 

Shots from ebay

January 22, 2009 by Girlq

Standing in front of closet doors wearing a transparent zip up latex fetish skirt. Profile shot of me standing in front of the closet wearing a transparent latex fetish skirt. Front view of the transparent latex skirt for ebay. Rear view of the transparent fetish latex skirt. Another rear view of the transparent fetish latex skirt that was sold on ebay.

I've been cleaning out the closet, cupboards, under the bed... let me just tell you, my place is currently consumed with Fetishwear.  Although alot less than it used to be, but I still have a ton of stuff to get rid of.  Awhile back I took a bunch of shots of clothing that needed pictures for ebay and etsy. 

Many of these are items that were for sale on HedonsFair.  Anyways, these are the pictures that were taken for that purpose. 

This past Sunday I was in NY for the Miss Rubber USA competition.  HedonsFair had a stand setup and I sold a few outfits.  Not sure that enough sales were made to go back, but it was a good experience, and I came away with a great deal of knowledge.

The competition was interesting.  I had thought about entering it, but didn't.  The models were all very pretty.  Actually, it was quite an attractive crowd.  Perhaps because it was NY - everyone is very trendy in the Big Apple. 

Last of the randomness

January 20, 2009 by girlq

Laying on the bed maxing and relaxing in latex fetish underwear. Shot from above of laying on the bed in fetish latex underwear. Artistic shot of legs on the bed.  We are wearing latex underwear from HedonsFair. Lying side by side on the bed in latex fetish underwear by HedonsFair.

Talking with a friend the other day she suggested that I offer to shoot latex fashions for any companies that would like to reach my readers / viewers.  Also, for any fans of my blog who would like to donate or just lend some fetish clothing, I will gladly shoot it, link to it, and talk about it.  You can drop me a line via a comment on the blog and I will promptly get in touch.

This is the last of the randoms folder.  Some cute artistic shots of legs intertwined.  I love these kinds of photos.  They are emotive and fun.   Hmmm, what else is in the queue.  I will probably take my time getting to the Hawaii shots.  Next up will be my "journalistic" shots from the SMB Ball.  I guess all my shots are journalistic, but these are quite funny.  Looking at them now, I drank wayyy too much that night. 

You'll love the transparent latex skirt I was wearing though... wink wink!

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