Halloween '08

March 12, 2009 by Girlq

Pulling on my socks after putting on the vinyl nurse dress. Trying on some boots in the pvc nurse dress. Zipping up the thigh high boots with the vinyl nurse dress. Shot of me getting dressed for Halloween in a vinyl nurse outfit.

This past Halloween (hey I'm only 4 months or so behind in my posting now) I wore a kinky pvc nurse outfit.  It was the red and black Lip Service brand vinyl nurse dress with buttons up the front.  I have a pair of thigh high patent leather 6 inch heels that I was going to wear with it, but I can barely walk in those things sober, much less all around the city drunk.  Come to think of it, I'm not sure I've ever wore them outside the house.

These are some pics documenting my getting ready.  I have a few more shots of partying that night and a couple random camera videos.  You know, the ones where you're trying to take a picture but hit the wrong button and you end up with a 5 second video of retardedness. 

Transparent latex & no clothes

March 05, 2009 by Girlq

Rear shot of me in a transparent latex fetish bodysuit cleaning some dishes in the sink. Profile view of me in the latex bodysuit at the sink. Rear shot of my butt in transparent latex fetish bodysuit.

Back from our trip, I ended up in the kitchen with just the transparent latex fetish bodysuit on.  These are a few pics.  Honestly I can't remember if I was fixing something to eat or just cleaning.  Knowing me, I was preparing some food

You can really see from these shots how large the bodysuit was - definitely not my size.  Since this shoot I have gotten my own transparent latex bodysuit.  It's fairly similar to the one here, except it has a high neck and a less full cut at the bottom.  You'll see pictures of it underneath a black latex hoody at the ski slopes.

Clear latex bodysuit

March 03, 2009 by Girlq

Buttoning up my sweater on top of the transparent latex bodysuit. Closeup shot of my upper chest while wearing the transparent latex under my sweater. Grabbing boobs with clear latex bodysuit on underneath sweater. Super up close shot of chest with clear latex bodysuit on underneath my clothing.

Here are some more pics of the transparent latex bodysuit that I wore out under my pink sweater.  If you like these, you are going to love the next post when I get back to the house and take the sweater off

I went on a ski trip last week and took some shots near the slopes.  Not actually on the slopes - too cold.  It would have been cool to snap a few on the hills, but I only had a lift ticket for 4 hours and I was headed up and down the slopes the entire time. 

We did finally get some snow, and if it hangs around long enough I am going to get some pictures in it.  Recently it has been too cold - like in the teens and windy, not exactly good conditions to be outside in latex.  This weekend the weather man is calling for rain and warm - so I hope I can time things right to get some pics before all the white stuff disappears again.  Wish me luck!

Transparent latex bodysuit

February 27, 2009 by Girlq

Pulling down the sleeves of my sweater of the transparent latex fetish bodysuit. Stretching across the bed to reach for something while wearing a rear zip transparent latex bodysuit. Body shot of me wearing the clear latex fetish bodysuit with jeans. Adjusting my sweater on top of the transparent latex fetish bodysuit that I was wearing.

The latex bodysuit in this postings pictures was not actually mine, it was my boys, as can be witnessed by the fact that it is quite a bit too big.  For whatever reason I just grabbed this out from a pile of latex clothing and through it on as we were going to Lowe's to pick up some hardware.

I put it on beneath a v-neck sweater of mine.  If you look closely you can see a white piece of string hanging off the back of it - that is actually string that's used kind of like the surfer wetsuits.  Because the zipper is located in the rear it is really hard to pull up, so I added a string to the zipper (thanks, I know I'm crafty).

Latex clothing is hard to get on, so I like anything with zippers - but this one wasn't particularly helpful as it was located in such a difficult spot to work with.  I have a couple one piece latex swimsuits / bodysuits and I prefer to have them made with the zipper in the front.

Latex panties & jammies

February 24, 2009 by Girlq

Taking out my contacts while wearing red latex fetish panties underneath my jammies. Prepping for bed while wearing my red latex fetish underwear underneath my pajamas. Wearing my pjs and latex fetish panties before going to bed. Getting ready for bed in my latex fetish panties with my jammies jacked down. Great shot of my hiney while wearing shiny red latex fetish panties. Red latex fetish panties showing underneath my sagging pajama pants.

Included in todays posting are the remaining pics of the red latex panties showing underneath my jammies.  These pictures kind of remind me of that Norman Rockwell painting where the puppy is biting the little girls dress and pulling it down, hahaha.

I've been going strong so far with all my blog postings - I think I'm averaging about 2-3 per week.  This week I am going to go snowboarding on Thursday.  (Think I feel a 1-day stomach bug coming on if you know what I mean).

It would be good to take some pics at the resort, but I can't make any guarantees.  I'm craving some snow and latex pictures, so we'll see if I can make it happen before Spring gets here

Red latex panties

February 22, 2009 by Girlq

In my room wearing red latex panties underneath my jammies before bedtime. Getting ready for bed in red latex fetish undies. Jammies sagging to reveal red latex fetish panties underneath. Taking out my contact while wearing red latex fetish panties before bedtime.

Here is my belated Valentines Day gift to you: red latex panty shots just before crawling into bed.  I was being goofy and jacked down my jammies such that my undies showed underneath.  I was wearing red latex panties from HedonsFair. 

This series of photos - affectionately referred to as my "red valentines undies pics", rank in the top 3 of photos I've taken in the last year.  I don't know why - but I find them cute and affectionate, and it strikes a cord with me.

I have to start taking more pictures - I'm actually beginning to get caught up on posting all my previous material

I'm trying to save up my money for buying a house, so I would appreciate any loaner clothing from clothing companies, friends, viewers, enthusiasts, etc.   Let me know if anyone out there can loan me something or is interested in trade.

Leather long skirt

February 20, 2009 by Girlq

in my bedroom getting ready to go to the movies wearing a long ankle length leather fetish skirt. Getting my jewelry on while wearing a fetish leather ankle length skirt. Getting ready to head out to the movies while wearing a long leather fetish skirt. Rear shot of me in a long leather skirt and purple sweater. Posing at the movies wearing my long leather skirt for a quick pic before leaving.

There was an episode of "Friends" where Rachels sister comes to town (as played by Reese Witherspoon).  She wears this long leather skirt and pairs it with a sweater.  I thought it was such a good look, and had been looking for a similar fitting skirt forever.

I finally found one on ebay and bought it.  It was made by the Gap, and was very good quality.  Here are pics of me getting ready to go to the movies and then one shot of me before leaving the theater. 

In other news - I'm getting tired of the cold weather around here.  We've only had 1 snow this year - unbelieveable!  I would like to get one more snow before winter leaves, but honestly I can't wait for warmer days.

Clear Latex + PVC Mini

February 14, 2009 by Girlq

Standing in clear latex fetish leggings with contrasting black zip through crotch. Zipping up transparent latex fetish leggings. Standing in clear latex fetish leggings.

Latex leggings go with pretty much everything.  Short skirts, dresses, oversized sweaters, you name it, you can pair up latex leggigns with it.  Here is a pic of me in a short pvc mini skirt and the transparent leggings. 

The next custom piece I would like to do is a leather dress with transparent latex ruffle at the edge of it.  I think black leather and transparent latex would be a look that no one else has done before, and would look gorgeous.  Perhaps you will see that in a few months :)

I have a Canon Rebel and a couple lenses that I use for most of my shots, but in these I was using my mini point and shoot Nikon.  The result is a much more amature / voyeuristic feel.  They are a tab bit under exposed and maybe grainy - I like it. 

Trying on clear latex leggings

February 11, 2009 by Girlq

Putting on a pair of transparent latex fetish leggings. Standing bedside while wearing a short black pvc mini skirt on top of transparent latex fetish leggings. Bending over and fixing the bottom of my transparent latex fetish leggings with zip through crotch.

Zippers are the key to wearing anything latex.  They make getting into and out of the garments so much easier.  I had these transparent latex leggings made for me by HedonsFair with a zip through crotch, so you can basically peel out of them with ease.

The one thing  I don't like about transparent latex is that it is so easy to discolor.  Dark colors do much better, but the amber transparent latex and lighter colors really have to be treated with care.  I don't think you can see it in these photos, but I've already got a couple spots of discoloration on the leggings where they touched something metal / copper / oil from my hands - something that the latex disagreed with.

Oh well.  I'll still wear them when appropriate.  It's not like you can notice it when it's dark out, but I am a bit bummed that after having them for less than a year I've already blemished them :(. 

Final shots from Fetish Ball

February 09, 2009 by Girlq

Stumbling to the car from the Fetish Ball in my latex fetish outfit. Fumbling into the car after the SMB Fetish Ball wearing a transparent latex skirt. Way too drunk to even see.  Wearing my latex fetish outfit in the car and trying not to puke. Transparent latex fetish skirt is hiked way up in this picture. Hands crossed across my latex covered chest while wearing transparent latex fetish skirt in car.

I wish I could have gotten pictures from the SMB Fetish Ball, but for any of you who have gone to one of these events, you know that is a big no no.  I guess in the future, I could try to sneak a camera and ask people for permission to tak their picture - there are so many interesting outfits and people that I would love to be able to post and write about!

Alas, you will have to settle for drunk shots of me on the way to and from the Ball :)  Not much longer until V-day!  My birthday is also this weekend so be sure to wish me a Happy Bday!  It definitely sucks that I have so many celebrations all at one time of the year: birthday, Valentines, Christmas. 

BTW - it was last Valentines Day that I took the pics of me in the black vinyl corset, vinyl panties, and pvc rimmed stockings.  That image has by far been the most popular shot that I have ever taken.  It was also one of the first - dumb luck I guess!

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