Latex leggings hike

May 15, 2009 by Girlq

Fetish latex leggings outside for a hike. Fetish latex leggings. Fetish latex leggings.

Continuing on with the latex leggings and my trip to CVS.  Latex feels so weird when it's kind of chilly outside.  Normally I would say it's a hot material, but when you moving about outside and it's chilly out, you build up a little bit of moisture from the activity and then the wind blows and you feel this instant penetration of cool against your skin.  The only way to 100% understand is to have experienced it first hand.

If you look closely at the pic of me outside you can see that it's Selma Hayek on the magazine cover.  It's probably US weekly - I have a small addiction to celebrity magazines

I signed up for a kickball league recently.  I was thinking how cool would it be to have an athletic uniform made from latex.  A shirt with cap sleeves with a number on the back plus those short atheletic shorts and knee high latex socks with the stripes across the top.  Inspiration!  Maybe I can put something together before the season is over.

Leather and Latex

May 06, 2009 by Girlq

High heels and black fetish latex leggings. Brown leather knee high fetish boots and tight jeans. Standing in shiny black latex fetish leggings and high heels. Chilling on the bed wearing tight jeans and fetish knee high leather boots.

I went jogging around the neighborhood one day to CVS wearing a sweater (it was chilly out) and a pair of black rear zip latex leggings.  The next few entries will document my trip.  I don't really remember taking the shots of the leather boots, but it was in the same folder on my hard drive so I guess it's all from the same day. 

Regardless, I liked the title "Leather and latex" for a blog entry, so they are getting posted together .  I'm glad to see that FetishBuzz has gotten more people blogging.  The more the merrier I always say! 

My fetish butt

May 04, 2009 by Girlq

Laying on the bed in my white latex fetish undies Playing on the computer on the bed wearing latex panties and top Soft focus picture of my butt and wearing a white latex top.

Here are a few more pics of me chilling on the internet on my bed wearing the white and black trimmed latex top and panties.  All of these shots reference my bottom, and the last is my attempt at an artistic sort of abstract shot.  I like the lines that the shadows create and the soft focus.

Light, especially in the evening, is fairly dark in my room therefore it's easy to have a very short depth of field.  Using the flash on my camera tends to give images a very "hard" kind of look.  The color tone comes out a bit bluish and the distinct shadows make it look amaturish.  Of course, my focus is to maintain the realism of my photos - the fact that they are not contrived or posed - but sometimes I like to go for a more polished shot.

I received a comment on deviantart the other day from a user who said they had been searching the web for years looking for a girl who wore latex / fetish fashions in everyday life.  However, he had only found models who either shot fetish clothing in a portrait / professional setting, or "real-life" alt girls / fetishists who charged for access to their images.  I hope to get a chance to meet some of the models who charge to have paysites to their "real-life" fetish photos, as I'm sceptable to find out if they are making money on their true hobby, or if it's purely about income.

I'll be going to more fetish parties this year, so I'm sure I'll get the chance to mingle with some of the popular online personalities. 

White latex lingerie

April 27, 2009 by Girlq

Sitting on the bed in my white latex fetish undies Maxing and relaxing in white fetish latex underwear. Knealing on the bed in white latex. Hot image of my butt sitting on the bed in white latex and black trimmed panties.

I have a tie back latex top with black trim and matching latex panties.  It can be worn either as a bathing suit or lingerie.  In these paticular shots it's the latter.  Speaking of latex bathing suits, I actually have a sky blue latex one piece suit with clear inlay.  I also have a metallic blue latex and white trimmed one piece that I haven't even worn yet.

Now that the weather is turning warm I will have to scheme how to get some water shots.  Times are getting really busy, and I've been really good about posting every week in '09, but I don't know that I can keep it up in the warmer months.  I don't know how bloggers seem to write every day.  I guess I could if I didn't post pictures.  Processing the images is what takes the bulk of my time.  I could probably write everyday about my randomness


Spinning in latex dress

April 17, 2009 by Girlq

Walking in the park in a latex dress.. Spinning around like crazy in a latex dress. Spinning in the park wearing a latex flare dress. Squirrel eating a pumpkin at the park. Squirrel eating a pumpkin. Squirrel engorging on a pumpkin.

Here are the last few shots of me at the park spinning around in that latex dress like I'm mental 

.  I didn't find that dress particularly sexy, or appealing to wear out and about, but it was fun to spin around in it.  I prefer to own / wear latex clothes that I can wear more frequently.  Not just party wear or halloween costumes.  Alas, that dress is gone - to a new owner who can spin around in it.


I've included some shots of a squirrel that was a the park totally engorging itself on a pumpkin.  The little guy had almost 1/2 of his body inside the pumpkin trying to get at the seeds.  He didn't seem to care how close I got!  I guess squirrels love pumpkins


Latex Spring Dress

April 09, 2009 by Girlq

Flaring out the latex fetish dress at the entry to the woods. Showing off the back of the latex fetish flare dress. Photo of latex dress in the park with setting sun. Getting ready to leave park in red and white latex fetish dress.

The whether is finally staring to change.  Spring is in the air.  I'm looking forward to warmer days !  In the spirit of spring time fun, I have another posting of the Candy Striper latex fetish dress at the park.  There are some cool shots of the sun setting behind me, that kind of created a lens flare / halo near my head. 

I actually had that dress for sale recently, can't remember if it sold.  If I still have it I'll put it on ebay.  Doesn't look like many people are in the mood to buy right now.  My auctions haven't fared well.  I guess latex clothing is kind of discretionary spending, but if you have a job and some cash, right now is an excellent time to buy.  There are so many deals on almost everything - definitely clothing!

Ebay auctions

March 30, 2009 by Girlq

I have a ton of fetish gear up for sale.  Many of them are brand new and have never been worn.  Please check it out.  You can click the images below to go to the actual auctions:

Knee High Leather Boots:

Knee high Leather boots

Zip up Kunzmann Latex Skirt

Black skirt with pink bow:

Lip Service Fishnet shirt:

Lip Service Red Vinyl Nurse Dress:

Lip Service Kicking the Habit PVC nun garter:

Lip Service Kicking the Habit PVC Nun Bra:

Black Vinyl and Lace Garter Belt:


Black Vinyl Dominatrix Halter Top:



Latex red ridinghood

March 27, 2009 by Girlq

Spinning in red latex flare dress in the woods. Standing on a trail in the woods wearing a red candy striper latex dress. Close up shot of the ribbons on the latex dress I was wearing in the woods. Rear shot of me spinning in the latex dress. Walking in the woods in a latex dress.

Just before the weather got cold this past fall, I went to a nearby park with what I labeled my "Candy Striper" latex flare dress.  After looking through the shots I think they are more appropriately called the latex red ridinghood series .

Unlike most latex clothing, this one wasn't so tight fitting.  The base of the skirt flared out, and when you spin around it would go up and out.  I got pretty dizzy that day if I recall, hehehe. 

I've finished the latex bath robe except for the applique.  I made it a size extra small,  but it still came out big.  I may make a second one.  One of the problems I have with it is that there is so much material to lube.  Right now I have a bottle of lube that I shine my latex garments up by hand with.  Does anyone have a spray recommendation?

Last of the halloween pics

March 22, 2009 by Girlq

Fetish vinyl boob grab on halloween while wearing the nurse outfit. Standing in a bar on halloween wearing the fetish pvc nurse outfit. Chilling in the city wearing a pvc fetish vinyl nurse outfit.

Just a few more pics from Halloween.  As my regular readers know, I end most photo sets with a butt grab - had to switch it up on you this time.  Checkout the vinyl boob grab

I just finished a project that I had been wanting to do for awhile.  It's a bathrobe made from transparent latex.  I had gotten a bunch of sheeting on sale from and didn't know what to do with it, I kinda just bought it because it was a good deal and I knew I would use it for something.

It's one of those garmets that I will definitely wear around the house, and possibly take to the fetish pool party in May.  I want to put an applique on the back that says, "Hers".  Can't really wear it out and about, but it is a one-of-a-kind outfit. 

Fetish halloween nurse

March 19, 2009 by Girlq

Getting my boots on while sitting on the bed in the vinyl nurse dress. At a bar on halloween wearing a vinyl fetish nurse dress. White jacket on top of a red pvc nurse outfit on halloween. Getting ready to go out for halloween in a pvc mini nurse dress. Talking to a friend at a bar on halloween in my pvc fetish nurse outfit.

Included are a few more of the Halloween pics.  A few shots of me getting ready and then some out and about at the bars in the vinyl nurse dress.  Warm weather is definitely coming - spring is in the air.  I have family in Florida so I'm planning on going to a fetish party in Fort Lauderdale over Memorial Day. 

I'm so looking forward to taking some vacation time.  It's not until May, so I have some time to get together my ideas for some fetish outfits.  I think there is going to be a pool party, so I will have to update my latex bathing suits.  I have three currently, 2 one-peices and a two-piece. 

The one-peices are my favorites, but the cut is a full cut.  I might have to get another latex suit with a little more of a sexy cut.  I also need more evening wear.  I need a mid-length to long dress and a jacket.  Lip Service has a vinyl pinstriped jacket and skirt that I like, but they are so damn expensive.  I might make something, either a latex droop neck gown or something from faux leather.  I'll keep you posted...

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