Latex in Hawaii

September 03, 2009 by Girlq

Looking in the mirror at my latex lingerie. Checking myself out in the mirror while wearing a white and transparent latex fetish lingerie. Profile shot of me wearing a white and transparent paneled latex fetish lingerie. Shot of a Hawaiian luau. Picture of Hawaiian luau at dusk. Wearing latex clothing in Hawaii.

Last xmas I spent in Hawaii.  I was in Oahu for a few days, then went to Maui for a couple days, and then stayed at the Big Island for a few days.  There is so much to see and do - you really need to visit for a month at a time to take it all in!  Included are a couple of beautiful shots of an evening luau that we attended.

I have several shots of wearing a cute white and transparent latex fetish negligee about as well as a bunch of latex bathing suit pics.  I need to get more everyday fetish wear.  That's something I'm working on accumulating now.

I'd like to get 4 or 5 pencil skirts, and then some conservative style tops or accessories that would match well with jeans.  I actually just got this really cute shiny stretch vinyl ruffled bolero jacket off ebay that can be worn for just about anything.  If you see anything that you think would fit - send me links to purchase!

Latex Corset

August 25, 2009 by Girlq

Latex corsets - really something every girl should have in her wardrobe.  They are so versatile.  Wear them with jeans and a t-shirt for a casual look, pair with evening wear for a dressy occasion, they go just about anywhere.  And, you can wear it to a fetish event, or out and about in a more vanilla crowd.  It's the all in one fetish accessory.

These shots are from December of last year.  So much for catching up with my photo backlog.  I'm really hoping that things will quite down with my new place soon and I can get back to my hobbies.  Every weekend is putting together furniture and shopping for new stuff, which is fun, but at the same time exhausting.  I'll be releived once everything is in it'splace and I can chill a bit more.

Jeans and fetish latex corset on top of long sleeve shirt. Latex fetish corset and leather boots. Yelling up the stairs in fetish latex corset. Rear shot of latex corset. Having tea in jeans and a latex fetish corset. Having a cup of tea while wearing a fetish latex corset.

Fuzzy shower pics

August 16, 2009 by Girlq

I put my camera in the corner of the bathroom and shot downward and at an angle using the remote control.  Unfortunately I did not check to make sure that I had the lens set to autofocus - it had been left on manual, so all the shots came out blurry.  Nonetheless it is kind of a cool effect. 

I just moved from my cramped condo into a full size house - so I have a new and improved larger bathroom that I will have to try and shoot again in .  Of course things are so busy I don't know when I'll get a chance.  I'm hoping things will calm down shortly.  90% of the painting is done - I was considering having a fetish painting party - if everyone wore vinyl any spills could be wiped off your clothing easy!

Pink latex ruffle skirt

August 12, 2009 by Girlq

Working in the kitchen wearing a latex top and pink latex ruffle skirt. Up close shot of pink latex skirt and pvc rimmed stockings. Hanging out in the kitchen wearing a latex top and fetish pink latex ruffle skirt. Working out the kinks in pvc rimmed stockings and a fetish latex miniskirt. Rear shot of me wearing a fetish latex miniskirt and vinyl rimmed fishnet stockings.

I love the way the pvc rimmed stockings look.  It's a good combination of fetish and non-fetish, though I guess fishnet could be deemed as fetish.  I often find that the best look for fetishwear isn't head to toe shiny, but a mix and match of sorts.  Summer hasn't ended yet and I'm already on the search for a sweater and vinyl jeans combo.  I also want to get a more conservative latex or vinyl corset that can be worn out with blue-jeans.

It has been really hot lately, maybe that's why my head is already contemplating fall  

Latex Jeans

August 06, 2009 by Girlq

Shiny black latex fetish jeans. Rear shot of shiny black fetish latex pants. Black and white pic of me wearing shiny fetish vinyl stockings.

These are a pair of tight latex jeans that I've worn on several occasions.  I actually had two pairs that were almost identical and these are the shots I took for listing them on ebay.  I paid $90 for these on sale down from their original list price of $135.  On ebay, I was lucky to get $45.  Ridiculous!

I guess the economy has hurt the fetish clothing industry as well.  Fetish clothing expenditures are rather frivolous unless you are a performer or model whose making money off your wardrobe. 

Fetish Vinyl Stockings

July 23, 2009 by Girlq

Black and white pic of me wearing shiny fetish vinyl stockings. White cotton panties and black shiny vinyl stockings. Butt shot of me wearing black shiny fetish vinyl stockings. Cute shot of my butt and vinyl fetish stockings. Shiny fetish vinyl stockings and white cotton panties.

These vinyl stockings are home made, and I will have to try making another pair again.  They were really quick to make.  I took the measurements of my ankle, knee, and thigh, then cut out a pattern based off of a sock and the measurements I had taken.

They came out pretty good for a first try, but I made them a bit too tall and they keep slipping down my leg.  Vinyl stockings have to be worn with garters otherwise they'll stay up for about 3 strides of a walk before starting to slip.  Latex has more friction against the skin, so rubber stockings tend to stay up better.

I sewed them with a straight seam going up the back and then used a stretch stitch for the hem at the top.  Took me 1 hour altogether and 45 minutes of that was measuring and planning.  My next pair I will make w/ the garter sewn in so I don't have to worry about slippage. 


Log Cabin trip

June 10, 2009 by Girlq

At the cabin wearing a long vinyl fetish skirt. Opening the fridge while wearing a long pvc fetish skirt. Bending over in a fetish vinyl skirt. Long pvc fetish skirt. Long pvc fetish skirt. Long vinyl fetish skirt.

Last fall my friends and I booked a log cabin to stay in for the weekend.  I went on Friday night, wearing a long vinyl skirt with red sweater, and other friends met up on Saturday.  The place was so small and quaint!  It had a full kitchen, small dining area, 1 bedroom on the lower level, and then a loft bedroom with jacuzzi tub above the living room. 

There is an accompanying video that I shot, but it is so dark I don't know if it came out well enough to post.  In some shots all you see is a dark blob and the sparkle of the pvc skirt.  I had just gotten the video camera, and was unaware that it doesn't do so well in poorly lit situations. 


Latex leggings: Stretching it out

June 05, 2009 by Girlq

Stretching outdoors in my latex leggings. Stretching my legs outdoors while wearing black shiny latex fetish leggings. Working out in shiny latex leggings. Stretching my calf muscles while wearing shiny latex leggings outside.

After my walk back from CVS I had to stretch out the calves.  Included are a few pics of me working the latex leggings and stretching it out

June is kind of slow for fetish events.  Guess most ppl figure it is too hot to be out and about wearing latex!  I will have to try and find something local to go to.  The next big event coming up for me is the Montreal Fetish weekend.  Right now I'm out of work, so whether I go depends on how quickly I get a job and how much it pays $$$.  

I need to make some new outfits.  Seeing how it is hot weather, I will probably go with vinyl instead of latex.  I was thinking of doing a high neck stretch pvc catsuit.  The only problem with something like that is you can't very well wear it out.  I've been wanting several button up blouses in both pvc and latex for the longest time, but I've been procrastinating because I feel like it will be a lot of work.  Perhaps it's time to bite the bullet!

Latex leggings & cough syrup

May 28, 2009 by Girlq

Wearing latex leggings at the CVS drugstore. At the drugstore wearing shiny black fetish latex leggings. Looking for medicine at CVS drugstore while wearing black shiny latex leggings. In CVS with black latex fetish shiny leggings.

I don't recall having a cold, but I do believe that the aisle I was on was the cough and cold medicine section.   Nobody seemed to notice that I was wearing latex leggings - which is typically the case when I mix and match fetish items with non fetish clothing.  People don't seem to notice much.

However, I was in Florida this past weekend (got some great shots that I'll post later) and I was wearing a grey cotton tank top with a black latex a-line mini skirt, and I went into a seafood restaurant to inquire as to whether crabs where in season or not.  The Chef came out to talk to me as soon as he saw me asking questions at the bar and he kept staring at my latex skirt.

Honestly, it was a bit off putting because he was so blatant about it.  He was not subtle at all.  Usually men look at a womens face, cleavage, or butt when they aren't looking, but this particular guy was fixated on the skirt.  I find it even more odd because the day before I was in South Beach wearing a one-piece latex bathing suit, and no one even batted an eye.  There I am sweating in a shiny latex bathing suit with clear inlay across the front - not a peep. 

It could have been the guy, or it could have been the difference between South Beach, where you do see tons of crazy outfits everywhere, versus the Keys - which are more conservative.

Skipping about in latex

May 21, 2009 by Girlq

Wearing latex leggings and getting cash from an ATM machine. Rear shot of my butt in latex leggings while at the ATM. Skipping down the public sidewalk in shiny fetish latex leggings. Merrily skipping about in fetish black latex leggings.

More shots of me goofing about in latex leggings.  I can't recall what I was reading but I must have really been into, because I couldn't put that magazine down!

This weekend I am heading to sunny Florida for a fetish party.  Hope to get several more images for the blog.  Perhaps some swimsuit pics - yeah! 

Airfare is so cheap right now it is ridiculous.  I would be doing much more traveling, but I'm also in the midst of trying to buy my first house and finances are tight.  Guess everyone can relate these days.  BTW - can anyone tell me what the biggest fetish party worldwide is?  I know the Fetish Ball in San Francisco is big, the Montreal Fetish Weekend is big - but I want to know the one w/ the most attendance. 

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