Latex at the beach

June 19, 2008 by Girlq

Picture of me wearing a black latex swimsuit at a beach in Chicago.

Here is beach picture number 1.  Don't you love it!!?  It's a black and white trimmed latex tankini, designed especially for me by HedonsFair.  This will probably be available on the website, but for now, I am the only person who has one :)  Sign up for a blog and you can get special deals too!  Email them here for more info:

The beach was in Chicago, a 20 minute walk from our hotel and right down from the Navy Pier.  You cross a 4 lane highway and then you're on the beach, with 40 story tall buildings behind you.  Absolutely breath taking!  Wish I had some pictures of that, but I don't think we snapped any.

If I were to request a latex swim suit again, I think I would not choose black as the primary color.  The latex heated up quite a bit in the sun.  The water was cold, so it was good to cool  me off, but that material, plus being black, heats up really quick.

Most importantly BF loved it.  He was frantically snapping pictures because the battery was running low on the camera.  We only got like 8 beach shots and he had to keep turning the camera off and then back on to snap 1 more pic.  After it officially died, we took a little nap, with BF resting his hand on my back.  I know he likes the feel of latex, and I think it's sweet :)  Wish we had a pick of that.

Below is a pic of the "orb" or "bean" as the local Chicagoans refer to it.  It's this massive bean shaped highly glossy piece of art.  It looks as if it's made of a sculpted mirror - super reflective.  You get a cool panorama of the city by shooting into it - as seen below.


Latex skirt and slutty top

June 18, 2008 by Girlq

My boyfriend and I checking out my latex skirt in the mirror.

My baby took this pic of both of us checking out my latex skirt in the hotel mirror.  I already mentioned that I had bought this top from Forever 21 because I wanted something sexy that BF would like. 

Funny story - I couldn't decide if I was going to keep the top, so I had it in my car along with the receipt.  My sister was in town and she, myself, and BF were in the car going to pick up a movie from blockbuster when sis locates the bag and opens it up.

She pulled out the top and was like, "What is this!?".  I covered by saying that BF had gotten it for his highschool cousin as a gift - it was the first thing that popped into my head.  My sis lectured him how no one in HS should be wearing such a slutty top, and I told her I was going to return it for him.

We were both in the front of the car trying to hide our giggling because we were laughing so hard!

Below is a pic from one night when we went to see this Chinese Cirque du Soleil.  For one performance they wore these stretch PVC catsuits that were so appropriate for a HedonsFair post - unfortunately the lighting was dark and they were moving pretty fast, so it's rather blurry.   

Latex ruffle skirt

June 17, 2008 by Girlq

Staring out the window of our hotel room wearing a latex ruffle skirt.

Here is a shot of me staring out the window of our hotel wearing a HedonsFair latex ruffle skirt.  There are a bunch of these shots.  BF had me pose against the window - it was kind of funny because there were office buildings right across from us and it was a Friday, so people could totally check us out.  I guess I'm a bit of an exhibitionist :)

If you're interested in the latex skirt I'll save you the time of searching for it - you can find it here: Ruffle-Skirt

While in Chicago we took this boat tour of the city.  It was an architectural tour and we cruised down the Chicago River - which runs right through the middle of the city.  One of the more intersting buildings we went by is the one below.

The architect who designed it wanted to give everyone who lived there a good view, so he made the first 21 floors parking and retail.  The residential condos start at the 22nd floor  so everyone has a good view.  How egalitarian!  

Windy City Latex

June 16, 2008 by Girlq

Getting ready to take some pictures while wearing a latex ruffle skirt and top from forever 21.

Yeah - my first shots from Chicago!  This one is slightly out of focus if you look at the larger res shot, so they'll only get better from here :)  This is a shot of me in a HedonsFair latex ruffle skirt - checking myself out in front of our hotel mirror.

While we were in the Windy City we went to an area called "The Mile".  It's a girls dream - tons and tons of retail shopping.  I wanted to find something that my baby would like, so we dropped by Forever 21 and I picked up the black top that you see in the photo.

It's totally something that you would wear if you were 17 and, uh, trying to show your slutty side.  Not really something I could find an occasion to wear out, but he picked it out and it did make for some fun photos. 

Chicago is such a cool city!  It is well thought out and planned.  You can walk pretty much anywhere - the sidewalks are really wide.  The public transportation is also very good.  One of the things that we both liked the best were the beaches on Lake Michigan.  First off - Lake Michigan is HUGE - it's more like a small ocean than a lake.

We visited one of the beaches Sunday morning before we left, and I wore a black and white trimed latex tankini to the beach - the highlight of the trip I'm sure for BF!  Below is a shot of the Navy Pier and Lake Michigan from our Hotel.


Image download snafu

June 12, 2008 by Girlq

Wearing vinyl hot shorts on the bed while my boyfriend grabs my butt and snaps a picI was going to start blogging about my Chicago trip today and share some of the very sexy pictures of me in a short latex ruffle skirt - but I ran into some issues.  I had borrowed my moms camera because I couldn't find mine, and now I can't download the images.

Apparently Sony makes you use their own proprietary cord to connect the camera to the computer, and guess who has that - moms.  Couldn't use a standard USB cable, no that would make too much sense.  Damn you Sony!  Unfortunately it will be at least a few days until I can get the cord and download - so I'll try to dig up some other pictures, but until then you'll may have to deal with my rambling with no pics :(

Todays pic is my baby grabbing my vinyl-clad butt.  He's so grabby!  I can't remember when this shot was taken. 

Last pic of San Fran

June 10, 2008 by Girlq

Shooting a pic in front of the bathroom mirror wearing a latex dress and having my boob grabbed.

This will be my last pic from the San Francisco trip.  There seems to be a common theme of BF grabbing my boob and taking a picture :)

Let's see - things to come - I have some uber cute pics of me wearing some latex panties and my favorite night time shirt.  I also just got back from the windy city.  This trip was the reverse from San Fran, in that I was there on biz and BF accompanied me.

We took some really cool artistic shots in our hotel room where the view was PHENOMENAL.  Absolutely amazing - we were on the 40th floor and the views of the city, parks, buildings, and Lake Michigan, were just stunning.

Also stay tuned for my latex beach pictures - BF was sooooo excited to get me in a latex bathing suit on a beach.  Sayonara!

Art Deco & latex

June 09, 2008 by Girlq

Posing in front of an art deco picture while wearing a latex cheongsam dress

Another pic of me from the room.  They had these cool 1960's inspired artwork all over the walls, and the hotel had an Art Deco style to it.

Back to my story - so I make it out of the hotel and BF picks me up.  I "slither" into the car with my shined up latex dress, and we head out directions in hand to find this so-called "fetish club". 

It was about 9 blocks away and we arrived near our destination shortly, only to find that it wasn't there.  We cruised up and down the street where it was supposed to be a couple times, and then decided to stop and ask for directions at a club.

There was a bit of a mix with some alternative dressed people at the club - but mostly young girls who looked like they walked out of the Gap or Forever 21.  Needless to say, I didn't exactly fit in.

The bouncer said that he had been there for 2 years and never heard of the club we were looking for - then he grabbed an apparent "regular" - a chick who had ripped up jeans and green and purple streaks running through her hair, and seemed like the type who might be more interested in me than my BF.

She told us that there was a "hardcore" S&M club where there's no alcohol served and you had to purchase a "membership" to enter.  Honestly, I might have checked it out - as I am the curious type, but it wasn't quite what we were looking for.  Our "regular" had never heard of the club we were looking for and couldn't recommend anything suitable.  So, our night ended with little fanfare - oh well, there's always next time :)

Leaving the hotel

June 05, 2008 by Girlq

Me putting on my leather jacket before venturing out in San Francisco on a windy March night while wearing a black latex cheongsam dress

I'm wearing shined up latex, literally from head to toe, and the dress is a chengsam with really long slit going up the leg, along with my leather jacket - because it is super windy and chilly.

We have to walk past the front desk of our hotel as well as the parking attendants, and I have to admit feeling a bit uncomfortable as I felt like they were thinking that I was a high-paid prostitute.

I'm in a hotel in the city, wearing all latex, and coming and going after 10:00pm...  Hmmm, what would you think?

Regardless, I had BF go and get the car ready, and I walked out alone.  Honestly, I stared straight ahead and tried not to make eye contact as I headed out the door. 

I did the same thing upon returning, but on the return BF was walking with me, and he didn't see anyone checking us out - I guess you see so much crazy stuff in San Fran that it wasn't too out of the ordinary.  Either that or the hotel staff try to look the other way when high priced latex clad prostitutes come and go :)


Going out in San Fran

June 03, 2008 by Girlq

Putting on makeup in the bathroom while wearing a black latex cheongsam gown

Here's another pic of me wearing the black latex cheongsam and getting ready to go out Sat. night in San Francisco. 

Continuing on with my story about that weekend - I met my baby on Thursday night.  He had been at conferences during the week.  We had our weekend planned out, which included visiting Napa Valley, the redwoods in Muir Woods, the Pier / Fishermans Wharf, and checking out some fetish shops and nightlife.

Sat. we got back from Muir Woods just in time to visit Felicity's Fetische.  The owner is always on site, and she is super nice and very helpful.  They have a great range of fun outfits - don't recall any latex there, but a good selection of fair priced pvc outfits.  Downstairs is a seperate shop with tons of fetish shoes, pumps, heels, ballet boots, and even heavy guage latex thigh high boots - fun!

A write up about Felicty as well as her address can be found here:

I purchased some black over the knee stockings (pictured) and we went back to the hotel to get cleaned up for dinner.

Latex Asia: My recent travels

May 29, 2008 by Girlq

Buttoning up a latex cheongsam dress in our hotel room just before heading out to a fetish club

My theme today is Asia, therefore todays pic is a shot of me buttoning up a latex cheongsam - for those not familiar it's like a geisha dress.  You can't really tell, but I'm in a hotel room getting ready to go to a supposedly fetishy club in San Fran (keyword supposedly).  That night was fun - such a story.  More on that later.

Today I'm back from my vacation to the Far East.....what I call the Big 3.  Japan, South Korea, China.  It's been so fun!  Japan is fantastic and definitely my favorite by far.  The Japanese have a national obsession with cleanliness, hygiene.  The bathrooms in even their train stations are immaculate.  Everywhere you go in the country it is pristine, clean, and orderly. 

The Japanese nod and bow to you and greet you at every establishment very courteously (it's super cute).  Also, they are more individualistic and stylish.  Women there are very aware of their sexuality, and right now all the girls there wear knee high socks with skirts, in a prim but overtly sexual way.  It's not necessarily the school girl look, it's just stylish. Ja-ne!

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