PVC Vinyl skirt at Nags Head

July 08, 2008 by Girlq

Nags Head was a last minute decision, and it made for a quick getaway.  Thursday night and Friday night I stayed with BF's parents, and then Saturday I stayed at a really crappy hotel.  I wish I had taken more pictures of how horrible it was.  There was this fridge in the corner of the room that was probably from the 1960's.  It was soooo gross!

I do kinda like the pictures that I took, the crappiness was at least unique and made for a good backdrop.  Too many hotels have the same boring generic look that don't make for a decent photography.

Saturday we checked in, did a little shopping, took a walk on the beach and then went out for dinner at Dick's.  We had Hushpuppies with corn in them - yummms, plus mussels and crab! 

Sunday morning we played around for a bit with some of the fetish goodies we had brought: a short vinyl skirt, pvc collared jacket, vinyl boots, and a leather skirt. 

Sitting on a toilet in a fetish black vinyl mini skirt.

Transparent latex midriff

July 07, 2008 by Girlq

Transparent latex negligee showing my midriff.

This is my last shot of the transparent latex negligee.  I had to crop to keep it PG-13, but you get a nice shot of my latex covered midriff.  July 4th weekend has come and gone.  It was a laid back weekend, as I didn't really make any formal plans.  Friday the 4th, I helped BF get some work done and then that night we went to a friends and watched the fireworks via rooftop.  The weather was rainy so 1/2 the time we watched the fireworks on tv.

Saturday night I went to a Burlesque / Vaudeville show in Northeast at Palace of Wonders.  This place is very different from anything you've ever seen before and I highly recommend that if you haven't been, you must go!

It was a late night and I didn't end up in bed until like 3am.  Sunday, was a slow day, slept in and then went to the park for a bit.  I took some really cool shots there wearing my go-to latex skirt and a white blouse. 

Very last chicago latex skirt shots

July 03, 2008 by Girlq

Playing around in my latex skirt in front of the mirror. Posing in front of the mirror in a latex skirt. Staring in the mirror at my favorite latex skirt. Sitting on the bed while wearing a black latex skirt.


Ok, the last of the last shots from Chicago.  Wow - seems like I've been writing about this for awhile.  These pictures are me in our hotel room wearing my favorite latex skirt.  It's my fav because it's so convenient to slip on whenever.

Chilling at home on a Friday night - slip on the latex skirt.  Going out to a club on H Street - throw on the latex skirt.  It's easy on, easy off, and it looks good.  Perhaps it could be a tad shorter... Will have to get another one and see what I like best.

I need to find a latex top that I like as much as my skirt.  Any suggestions?

wearing latex at the beach

July 02, 2008 by Girlq

Wading in Lake Michigan wearing a black and white latex swimsuit.

This is my last latex tankini beach shot from Chicago.  If you look to the left you can see the buildings in the skyline.  Absolutely beautiful!  Lake Michigan is so huge - it's like the ocean, just smaller waves.

No latex bikini at Nags Head this past weekend.  I have a one piece latex swimsuit, but couldn't locate it before heading out the door.  That's what happens when you wait until the last minute.  Procrastination is such a bitch. 

Goodbye to Chicago!  My next big trip coming up - New York!  I'll be there at the end of August - drop me a comment if you know of any fetish events going on there around that time.

Transparent latex covered butt

July 01, 2008 by Girlq

Picture of my butt covered in transparent latex panties.

Checkout my transparent latex covered butt in this shot.  Isn't it cute and perfectly round?  Oh yeah!  I love this picture.

This week I'm back at the grind after being away at Nags Head for a long weekend.  The weather was really good - only rained for a bit one afternoon.  It was super hot, and I got a decent amount of sun, which is good, because I haven't gotten out enough this summer.

I was with BF's family for part of the stay so we didn't have much time to shoot more fetish images.  We did stay at a hotel Sat. night and checked out Sunday.  The morning before we left we grabbed some shots of me in a super short vinyl skirt and pvc jacket.

The hotel was crappy - really crappy, because we reserved at the last minute and it was the only thing we could get.  Beggars can't be choosers.  It actually served for a good backdrop though. 

I was going to wear the vinyl skirt to breakfast after we shot it Sunday morning, but BF was feeling shy and didn't seem like he wanted me to, so I changed to a more family friendly outfit.  There are so many families in Nags Head, it's crazy.


Latex Swim Suit: Chicago

June 26, 2008 by Girlq

Laying out in the sun while wearing a black and white latex swim suit.

Another pic of me in the latex tankini in Chicago.  I'll wrap up the Chicago trip in a couple more postings.  I would love to hear anyones comments and what you would like to hear me write about or pics you would like to see.

I thought blogging was a more interactive process, but perhaps I am wrong.  Anyways - I'll keep on posting...

I just got the room for this weekend in Nags Head.  Considering it's Thursday and I'll be there in 3 days, I didn't get the best place.  There was this cool B&B which had really nice rooms and served breakfast.  It would have made for some great latex photography, but alas, they were booked.  I recommend them if you're headed to Nags Head, the site is: Nags Head Beach Inn.

I guess a cheesy run down hotel will make for decent pictures of my latest latex fetish gear.  We'll see.  Anything else to comment about Chicago... not that I can think of at the moment.

Black and transparent latex outfit

June 25, 2008 by Girlq

Straightening out my transparent latex panties.

Here's a better pic of my transparent latex negligee.  Personally, I like the picture from my previous posting better, but this one shows you better what the outfit looks like.  If you were to buy me a latex negligee would it be the same as this one or would you make it different?

That was a fun night.  All we did was sit on the couch, eat dinner, and then just talk for awhile before going to bed early at like 10:30.  I fell asleep with the negligee on and then woke up in the middle of the night uncomfortable and took it off. 

This weekend I'm getting ready to have another latex adventure, as I'm headed to Nags Head North Carolina.  I'm sure I will snap some more pics - recently I got a couple leather skirts via ebay.  I might be MIA for a couple days while I'm away.  We'll see if I have time to post :)

I'm thinking about setting up a flickr account, deviant art account, and myspace account and republishing my pictures and blog content there with links back to my blog.  Do other people with blogs do that? 

Latex bathing suit: taking a dip

June 24, 2008 by Girlq

Dipping my feet into the water at Lake Michigan while wearing a latex bathing suit.

Here's a shot of me cooling off at the beach in Chicago while wearing my latex bathing suit.  Don't you love the straps!?  The water was soooo cold, but if felt good to stick my feet in.

If you click on the thumbnail and look at the larger image you can sort of see some of the city along the shoreline.  It was beautiful.  We had to leave a little bit early because a storm came up and drove us away.  Everyday we were there it seamed to rain for about 30 minutes in the early afternoon. 

I didn't worry about the rain because I was wearing my umbrella - aka latex bathing suit :)  Question for my readers - would you prefer more professional shots of my latex excursions with lighting setups or do you like the quick snap look and feel that I've used so far?

Transparent latex negligee

June 23, 2008 by Girlq

Laying on my couch with only candlelight to light the room while wearing a transparent and black latex negligee.

I'm going  to be a bit A.D.D today and skip forward to some other images besides Chicago.  A few weeks ago BF sent me a package in the mail via over night express.  Inside it there was a  card with Calligraphy for the word "love", a transparent latex negligee with black trim and matching latex panties, and 4 scented candles.

I went home for lunch from work, and that is when I discovered the package.  BF was coming over that night, so I had all day to think about seeing him.  There was a note that said to light the candles at 7:00 and put on the negligee - that he would be coming over with dinner.

It was very romantic of him :)  The calligraphy was a nice touch because I had just bought a calligraphy kit when I was in Japan. 

I'll return to talking about Chicago in my next post, but I was getting bored of posting the same images.  Do you like the pics of my new latex negligee?  This one is kind of abstract, but I'll post others where you can see it better.

Setting sun on a latex skirt

June 20, 2008 by Girlq

Standing in front of the hotel window wearing a latex skirt as the sun sets in Chicago.

Another pic of me peering out nostalgically through the window of our hotel room in Chicago.  I really think I should have been in broadcast or something involved with the media - don't you love my pose?

BF was trying to be creative and catch the setting sun as it went down over the building in the distance.  I find that I am accumulating a ton of fetish clothing - latex skirts, vinyl corsets, patent leather boots, pvc hot pants - it's starting to add up.  I'm going to have a dedicate a spot in my closet just for fetishwear.  What do you advise?

It doesn't help that recently BF has been on an ebay shopping spree trying to find suitable leather outfits that I can wear out.  I don't mind it, it's just that space is a priority and I live in a studio apartment in the city.  I am trying to find another place to live, so here's to hoping that  I get an extra closet at my new abode.

Below is a shot of the fountain from the "Married with Children" tv show.  Isn't it sad that's how I refer to it!  I wish I could recall the official name, but it's not coming to me.  Upon walking up to it, we were both like - hey, isn't that from the tv show.  Alas, the downfall of western civilization is television.

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