What this blog is and isn't.

July 18, 2010 by Encased

O.K., allow me to get the disc-lame-er (haha, oh, I am so witty... I need to lie down...) out of the way. Let me write a little about what I intend this blog to be.

<strong> What this blog is not:</strong>

- A meat market. I am not looking for a partner. I have an amazing, beautiful, intelligent, funny, sexy girlfriend who is aware of (and cool with) my kink, and I am certain that she is my soulmate. If some of my fellow pervs meet up by posting here and fall in love, that is great! But I am not "fishing for chicks". I say this so people don't worry about posting, because I am interested in opening discussions with as many people as I can.

- A proclamation about how great I am. This should go without saying, but I am not an expert in most (or any, I guess we'll have to see how broad the discussions become) of the topics I will be posting about. I am not Dr. Ruth, I am not a sex therapist or a professional dom or anything like that. I'm just a geek who happens to be kinky. I only have my experience to draw from. And although I like to cultivate a tongue-in-cheek, smartass personality, I am painfully aware that my experience only applies perfectly to me. However, perhaps some people may benefit from my knowledge, such as it is.

<strong>What is IS (or, what I hope it will become):</strong>

- A (hopefully) helpful resource for fellow kinksters. I was, for a long while (and to an extent, I still am) kind of awkward about being kinky. I have overcome my shyness (hence, this blog) largely in part to having a wonderful lover who is not only accepting of my kink, but excited by it. I am a very, very lucky man. But before I met my slave girl, I was very ambivalent about my sexuality. While this is by no means the only blog to deal with kink, I hope it will become a valuable resource to others who are like me. If it can be of help to just one person, it will be well worth the effort.

- An open dialogue between kinksters, the kink-curious, and perhaps their confused significant others, and for the curious in general. Since what I post will be based on experience and hence will constitute my opinion, I am not only open to, but welcome your input, stories and opinions. They are just as valid and valuable as my own. Also, if you have any questions for me, or would like to make a request about a topic for me to write about, please do let me know!



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