Latex in many forms...a love of mine! 6FT LATEX BALLOONS!

November 02, 2009 by Domina_Elle

Yummy yummy latex!!!

I love latex clothing, but I also love other forms of latex, balloons being one of them!

A nice new latex balloon, especially a 6ft (when inflated) smells like chocolate to me! Have you ever smelled chocolate when you pulled your new latex out of the fresh packaging upon delivery? Yummi Gummi! I want to lick it, all of my senses respond. It is not just a 'fashion' thing with me, but a true fetish. My heart beats faster, and I want to have it all around me. And what better way to have latex all around me, than to HAVE IT ALL AROUND ME! hehe. I have been enjoying balloons for some time also, in a very kinky manner! (you may or may NOT want to know more).

I have found a way to share this love with others. The latex, balloons, inflatable (another fetish of mine) all in ONE!! Blow one up- and get inside!!!! I do these balloon scenes at parties and fetish events. There are some tricks to accomplishing this well, otherwise you will end up crying over 'popped too soon' balloon. However, providing you get it done right, you can have a lot of fun, and either save it for another moment of balloon fun, or let it inflate to a loud POP!! Which does tend to make people laugh and smile. Two things I really enjoy inspiring people to do (among other things). SMILE.

You heard of the Colorado Balloon Boy, right? Well, I AM the Colorado Balloon Girl, and I DO actually get inside my balloon!!

~Domina Elle

Give yourself Permission for pleasure!

July 08, 2009 by Domina_Elle

Perhaps it is my form of bias or limited perception...but I believe that for some of us, we can love and experience whomever we choose and are not limited by sexuality or rather perceptions of sexuality.

For instance, why can't a lesbian enjoy a sexual experience with a man or a transgendered person and still be a person who prefers women sexually? There are other examples but hopefully this makes my point. Why do we always have to 'box things in' or define everything to the bone?

I think of humans as evolving beings (hopefully) and we choose our limits and boundaries but hopefully we try to be open to all forms of experiences and if we are presented with an obstacle in our thinking that we work to process it, perhaps overcome it, transcend it.

I want to be the best person, the best THINKER that I can be. I know I have much to learn and never want to take the position that I have it all figured out. Not that everything is that complicated either. I do think humans can be very lazy and settle for 'whatever' rather than investing the time and energy into evolving and growing even healing. No big deal I guess unless they have stiff opinions based on emotion rather than wisdom. Wisdom being applied knowledge. (nothing is more dangerous than a zealous person who lacks understanding.)

I have seen and experienced the prejudice expressed towards bisexuals.

Many people are just not tolerant period. I feel very blessed (and this is a very good thing in regard to what I do for a living) that I am able to suspend most if not all intolerant and judgmental perception in regard to sexuality and those I engage as a Dominatrix. Even when the fetish or desire is something I personally choose NOT to engage in, I am open and non judgmental in how I approach it. Of course when it comes to certain things I have very strong feelings (such as any non consensual type behaviors).

It is my personal theory that humans, as spiritual beings, eventually evolve to a point where all archetypes are shed away, meaning, we become spiritual beings without a specific 'sexual identity' and that we have a balance between both the masculine and the feminine.

I am rejoicing in seeing men expressing what has been labeled as femininity openly as well as women expressing their strengths and power in a way that has always been labeled as masculine. I had a sub say one day that he would try to not express his feelings and I said "Express your feelings! Too long now men have been programmed to not express feelings". We have been given archetypes, models of sexuality and the sexes (who says there are only TWO sexes on this planet anyway!!!??) and these archetypes need to be, should be challenged!

This is why I say that we need to 'give ourselves permission for pleasure!'

If we give ourselves permission we are likely to give EACH OTHER permission! Permission, regardless of whether we be physically male or female or otherwise, permission to be who we are, permission to be afraid, to be weak, to be vulnerable, to be tender, to be sexual, to be aroused, to be loved, to love, to be angry, to be curious, to be kinky, to be naughty, to be strong, to feel, to express, to have orgasms!!! To tear down our own walls that we have built to protect ourselves from each other.

By not giving ourselves permission we cut ourselves off from our humanity and we will end up with mutations (so to speak) that are driven by fear.

We have a ways to go....we may as well GET STARTED.

Discussion on BDSM, sexual psychology, attitudes and perceptions.....

July 08, 2009 by Domina_Elle

An excerpt from a conversation about BDSM and how in numerous BDSM communities 'sex' is not allowed in public play...

I am sure some people use BDSM as a way to 'not' be 'sexual' interestingly enough.

This is despite the fact that, in my opinion and experience, that sexual psychology is at the root of the desire involved in the activity. You hear pro Dommes saying it isn't about sex of course because of the legalities but it almost sounds more like a programmed message than a real opinion.

It makes sense to me that there will be a LOT of people in the BDSM sub culture who have sexual issues. This sub culture is made up of human beings and we humans have a long way to go in regard to our sexuality; BDSM or not.

I believe our sexuality is of major importance regarding our core and character. Many people are sleep walking through life as it is, and even though sexuality plays such an important role in a person's life, be it oppressed or expressed, we operate at whatever level we have evolved to, and our sexuality manifests according to our level of emotional understanding.

People love to have opinions, but being awake and aware, emotionally responsible...hhmmm, another story.

Having read opinions and blogs at various BDSM sites on the internet, I was amazed at how quickly people are willing to throw each other under the bus regarding certain delicate issues. Are they afraid they themselves are going to be judged, and if they are harsh in their judgment of their peers it will be better for them? Is it their own guilt/shame issues manifesting? Do they even realize how intolerant, judgmental, exclusive, and prejudice they can be?

Who knows how involved a particular person is regarding the lifestyle or how educated or enlightened they may or may not be about a particular issue and this should always be taken into account. A person can be very careless when it comes to expressing something via the Internet.

I used to assume that people in an alternative lifestyle, especially one that the mainstream is so very critical of, would support one another despite differences. I have realized that this is very much not the case.

A good example was an occasion where I went to a lesbian bar in Tulsa Oklahoma one evening (years ago). I drove to the location separate from a group of lesbian friends. When I arrived they had already tried to go in but were refused entry. I asked them what the problem was. I was shocked when they told me that they were told by the door person that they were not butch enough and were refused entry! According to the door person, we were considered lipstick lesbians. I told them to park and come back up to the door. This bar was constantly being attacked by locals who obviously hated Gays and Lesbians. Gays and lesbians had been assaulted in the parking lot many times, even hospitalized, and it was scary. And here, we had lesbians excluding other lesbians over the way they dressed and looked? I went to the door and found the door person to be a lesbian I had known for many years. I asked her why she had excluded our group. She repeated what she had told the others. I asked her what she would think if one of us were attacked out in the parking lot, would she say to herself that it was ok because we were not butch enough? Or perhaps if she were attacked we should ignore it, because the butch can take care of herself, being such a butch? It was stupid. I reminded her that we are all part of the same family, all of us engaged in an alternative lifestyle (according to the mainstream) and that we do not want to be guilty of the same prejudice and exclusiveness that we faced from people who hated us for our lifestyle choices and desires. I was amazed that I even had to remind her of this in the first place. She seemed to put her tail between her legs and waved us all into the bar.

I guess what I am really pointing out is that even when people are participating in an alternative lifestyle, they still have a myriad of personal issues no less and no different than any other culture involving human beings. Sadly, there is exclusiveness, intolerance, prejudice and a slew of other human dramas.

Just because a person is involved in BDSM does not mean that a person is sexually liberated, healthy, nor does it mean they have addressed their personal issues in any way whatsoever.


Many people do not give themselves permission to enjoy their bodies, or to enjoy their sexuality. It stands to reason that they would not give other people permission to enjoy their bodies or their sexuality.

I do not take it for granted that I give myself permission, as well as anyone I engage in this manner.

I certainly have had my own issues of shame, guilt, and other attitudes that kept me from being able to experience life and my sexuality in a more loving and balanced way. Thankfully-gratefully, I have been able to process these issues and I do feel that I have come to a positive place in my awareness and understanding, and I owe this partly to the people who have shared themselves with me. Empathy can be a very useful thing.

I believe we are supposed to help each other in this process.

On the other hand, we can work against one another by way of our prejudices and perceptions and end up limiting rather than liberating ourselves.

Permission for pleasure!!!

I give myself permission, and I give everyone else permission. It makes sense to me, that if a person does not give themselves permission to enjoy what they feel and what they are attracted to, allowing shame or fear or guilt or whatever to invade their psyche, that they will certainly not be able to give others permission to be who they are or to enjoy what they enjoy.

We humans also act as mirrors for each other in a variety of ways. This is why some people react so intensely in my opinion. For instance, a person who is at odds with their desire to cross dress. If they have suppressed it and feel shame when they get the 'urge', when they see someone else engaging freely in that activity they may even feel hostile. We have been programmed by so many sources, from family, tradition, belief systems, school, TV, movies, the internet and so forth. Not that everything we get from these sources is bad, but are we acting as conscious beings and discerning for ourselves; meanwhile developing in a way that is healthy, balanced, empowering, and has a foundation of love?


I try to acknowledge and respect  boundaries, limits, perceptions even when very opposed to my own, though I do not appreciate when someone's ideals are pushed onto me. I do not want to push my ideals on anyone else; though when playing in public there are some people who will be offended no matter what you do.

This last weekend I engaged in a public scene that was very sexual and I had a blast. I am not used to playing in an environment with so many people around. I find it liberating to do so! I never want to play in public 'just to be seen', as my ego does not need that kind of stroking (pun intended) though I do thoroughly enjoy being an exhibitionist for other motivations. I think that people are excited and inspired by each other and it is good to see people enjoying themselves in a very real way.

I promote that we be able to express and share sexuality without fear, and without intolerance. So many of us have been judged as 'sick' and it is very liberating to be able to express who we are and what we feel and enjoy.

Viva la sexual evolution revolution! (pass the hitachi please!!!)



July 08, 2009 by Domina_Elle

When I was twenty one years old, I moved from NYC to London. It was in London that I first saw latex. I fell in lust for it right away! I found a catalogue and would sit and drool over it for hours. At that time, latex was extremely expensive. I was a starving artist, so I settled for a PVC outfit but my true desire was latex. I am pleased to say that today I have quite the latex wardrobe.

I love the feel, the texture, the smell, and I adore how I sweat in it. I love feeling the sweat dripping down my legs. It is very nice to have a submissive bound beneath me and to be standing above dripping on them. They seem to love it too! Of course they also enjoy shining me up! As do I. I also have a latex balloon fetish (no surprise there huh?)

I am so pleased that latex is gaining such popularity! I love seeing beautiful women wearing it as well as men! The prices have gotten much more reasonable and this means MORE latex for everyone!

I would love to hear from other latex enthusiasts in regard to their first experiences and how they enjoy their latex. Latex is quite appropriate for a Dominatrix with a well lubricated imagination, don't ya think? Hehe.

In the photo below you can see how much I enjoy housework. Every girl should enjoy it as much as I do!

More to come.....

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